A Randolph-Macon education begins with your future in mind and a roadmap to guide the way

The EDGE provides R-MC students with a career roadmap—your personalized, four-year career preparation plan that serves as a bridge between your academic experience and future career success. 

From the moment you arrive on campus, whether you are a first year or transfer student, you will be encouraged to begin thinking about your future. Our comprehensive, year-by-year approach inspires you to set goals and make plans to achieve them throughout your time at Randolph-Macon and after graduation. The outline below details the resources you will need to develop an EDGE during each semester of study at Randolph-Macon.

First Year

  • Work with the EDGE team for one-on-one coaching
  • Complete Focus 2 career strengths assessment
  • Utilize and explore the EDGE Career Connector
  • Begin resume building process
  • Explore a variety of majors and careers
  • Research internship and study abroad options
  • Initiate career search strategies




  • Continue to work with the EDGE team
  • Apply for Career Boot Camp; sessions include:
    • Tell your story
    • Etiquette dinner
    • Mock interviews
    • Communication style
    • Networking
  • Attend an internship preparation workshop
  • Participate in an internship, job shadow, or study abroad experience
  • Begin developing a professional network
  • Declare/confirm major


  • Work with the EDGE team to set career goals
  • Refine resume
  • Complete research project, internship, or study abroad experience
  • Expand professional network via EDGE, alumniand faculty events
  • Practice skills acquired at Boot Camp
  • Prepare for graduate or professional school
  • Apply for Career Boot Camp*

*If not previously attended


  • Work with the EDGE team to finalize preparations for the future
  • Polish resume
  • Implement career search strategies
  • Leverage network
  • Apply to graduate school/ first destination careers
  • Interview for graduate school/first destination careers
  • Make informed decisions for your future
  • Apply for Career Boot Camp*

*If not previously attended