If you don't graduate within four years, we will waive tuition costs for courses to complete your degree. Guaranteed.

Currently, 95 percent of Randolph-Macon graduates complete their degree in four years or fewer. This percentage is much higher than the four-year completion rate for all graduates at private colleges (almost 80 percent), and for public institutions (below 50 percent). Source: National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities.

Because we feel our academic program and personalized student advising are so exceptional, the College guarantees in writing that freshmen who meet the Four-Year Degree Guarantee requirements will graduate within four calendar years. If not, Randolph-Macon will waive tuition costs for courses needed to complete the degree. This is Randolph-Macon's promise to students and represents what the College has been doing well for nearly two centuries.

The Four-Year Degree Guarantee Requirements

Any full-time student who satisfies the policies stated in the Randolph-Macon College Catalog in effect at the time of their enrollment will enter into this partnership with the College.

Our policies include:

  • Complying with the academic requirements (number of courses, satisfactory progress, GPA, and timely declaration of major)
  • Meeting regularly with and following advice provided by the academic advisor
  • Registering and selecting courses in a timely fashion
  • Submitting an application for degree in the academic year in which graduation is anticipated
  • Satisfying all financial obligations to the College
  • Avoiding any academic or judicial suspension or other action that delays graduation

Comprehensive details about our Four-Year Degree Guarantee can be found in our Academic Catalog (PDF). Should you have any questions, please contact an admissions counselor in the R-MC Office of Admissions at 804.752.7305. 

Student and professor hugging at graduation

A Shared Commitment

During Summer Freshman Orientation, you and your parents will meet with Randolph-Macon’s president to sign a partnership agreement that holds us to our Four-Year Degree Guarantee. It's our unique way of highlighting how we all share responsibility in your success.

"The very nature of a Randolph-Macon education allows us to make this commitment with confidence," says Randolph-Macon President Robert Lindgren. "Our hand-tooled education means direct and personal interaction with faculty and staff, small classes with personal attention and constant mentoring, and access to the classes that students need in order to progress toward their degrees in a timely manner."