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Randolph-Macon College students are involved in many different activities, organizations, and other opportunities. Student engagement is one of the highlights of the R-MC student experience. We are not on campus together, currently, but the offices in the Student Engagement Center (Chaplain's Office, Student Life, Residence Life, Diversity & Multicultural Affairs, eSports, and the Show Choir) are working hard to create and develop experiences, with your help, that will provide you with the opportunity to engage with your friends, your organizations, as well as your advisors and staff. We certainly hope you will like what you find!
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The Student Engagement Center  is committed to creating and facilitating experiences that encourage an inclusive community and total student development. We are also committed to fostering an environment conducive to personal, ethical, cultural, spiritual, and organizational development through co-curricular involvement and exploration.

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The Student Engagement Center
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