SURF offers Randolph-Macon College students the unique opportunity to conduct ten weeks of full-time, original research during the summer months, under the guidance of a faculty mentor.

Schapiro Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Like professional scientists and scholars, Randolph-Macon students apply to the SURF program by writing a proposal and a request for grant money to fund their undergraduate research project. If the project is approved, SURF participants receive a modest stipend as well as free housing.

At the conclusion of the SURF program each year, students present their research in a conference . Students also submit a final written report and are encouraged to present their findings at a professional meeting in their discipline.

Former SURF participants who go on to graduate school find themselves particularly well prepared for the rigors and intellectual challenge of independent research, which many of their graduate-student peers are encountering for the first time.

The SURF program was established in 1995 through a generous gift made by Ben '64 and Peggy Schapiro. The Schapiros continue to support this program, which promotes scholarly undergraduate research by R-MC students in all disciplines.

Recent SURF Experiences

Emily Sprague '18: Linear Dominance Hierarchies in Brook Trout 

Alicia Cash '17: Effect of Natural Light levels with Native Tree Seedings competing with Invasive Species

Daniel Whitehead ’17: Opinion, Political Mobilization and Government Response to Disaster

Kristin Patrick ’17: Examining the Cues and Signaling Pathways Involved in T Cells