The mission of Randolph-Macon College—to develop the mind and the character of its students—underlies the college’s ultimate purpose: to prepare undergraduates for successful lives.

Successful Randolph-Macon Graduates 

  • Pursue paths meaningful to them
  • Know how to work with others to achieve shared goals
  • Are involved in their communities
  • Are prepared for successful careers 
  • Understand their lives within a historical and cultural context
  • Possess resources of character, intellect and imagination that help them overcome adversity
  • Contribute something of value to society

An R-MC education lays the foundation for each of these aspects of a successful life. Here’s how: 

A Career Roadmap 

Through the career preparation program in The Edge Career Center, we offer the support that helps you:

  • Assess your goals
  • Plan for the future  

  • Acquire job-search skills

  • Gain career-related experience

  • Network with R-MC alumni

  • Realize your full potential

A Broad Academic Foundation 

Randolph-Macon’s curriculum provides you with:

  • Exposure to broad perspectives and specific concepts.
  • A background in the arts, the humanities and the natural and social sciences.

  • Guidance from teacher-scholars who are active in their disciplines and eager to advise students in choosing majors and pursuing opportunities. 

Skills for College and Life 

Our courses are designed to cultivate the skills to assess problems, interpret information, and reach solutions confidently and independently. These skills help you: 

  • Communicate effectively

  • Think analytically and critically

  • Experience and appreciate the creative process

  • Develop qualities of leadership

  • Synthesize your knowledge

Our graduates possess the flexibility to change jobs and even careers—an increasingly important ability in a rapidly changing world. 

Cultural Understanding

A Randolph-Macon education develops an open-minded respect for diverse cultures, people and ideas through: 

  • Class discussions

  • Opportunities to study abroad

  • Interaction with people from many backgrounds, both on and off campus 

As an R-MC student, you'll find the many new ways to develop appreciation for differences  help you become more empathetic, insightful and effective in your relations with others. 

Active Learning

Curiosity, engagement and discovery: Randolph-Macon encourages these habits of mind at every turn. You’ll find opportunities to apply your knowledge and discover something new by: 

Character and Values

Involvement in our residential community and student organizations helps you strengthen key life skills, including: 

  • Problem solving

  • Cooperation and compromise

  • Leadership and ethical development

Specific Expertise

We make sure you acquire a deep understanding of your major field. You’ll leave Randolph-Macon qualified to:

  • Pursue a career in your chosen discipline

  • Gain entrance to graduate or professional school

One of the many ways our curriculum prepares you is with a culminating or “capstone” experience, which allows you to bring together knowledge and skills from your overall program or major in a significant senior-year project.